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Australian Houses Going Off Grid – Will Yours be Next

Living off the grid is now becoming less expensive and more high tech. It is now possible with a home battery storage system coupled with solar panel to live completely off the grid and to do it at a more economical price than it used to be.

Anytime I hear the name Elon Musk associated with a product or a project I get very interested. If you’re not familiar with him; he is founder of SpaceX, PayPal and Tesla Motors. Telsa Motors is making the “house batteries” called the Powerwall Battery.

In Australia they’re starting to power homes with the Powerwall Battery house battery. It can be used with solar panels and it can be used with wind power or it can be used to store electricity from your electrical provider in off hours when the electricity is less expensive.

“You can actually go, if you want, completely off-grid,” Mr Musk said of the batteries.

“You can take your solar panels, charge the battery packs and that’s all you use.”

Bloomberg new energy finance analyst Kobad Bhavnagri said the batteries would be “a complete game-changer”.

-Read the article here: Powerwall: Solar energy storage batteries set to transform Australian electricity industry.

These batteries are also being used as electricity storage by people who are on the grid but want to cut their costs. They use the batteries to store electricity during the night or off during peak times when the electricity power rates are lower. Then they use the power from the batteries during the daytime or peak more costly times. Thus cutting the cost of their power bills.

After reading the article make sure to watch this video of the Powerwall Battery being introduced by Elon Musk.

After reading the article and watching the video it looks like the power industry is going to get on board and start integrating things like this into their portfolio or they are going to be left behind. Change is coming…. but will Elon Musk and others forging the frontier into the future become a target? It is already becoming a problem to legally live off grid. Hopefully this will start to change that thinking.

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