Tin Foil Dinner Over the Campfire

(Video) How to make a tin foil dinner to cook over the campfire

This was always a standard ritual with our kids. If we had a fire for sure one of the meals for that trip would be tin foil dinners. It was always a hit with the family and friends.

The video has a great recipe that I am going to try next time I make my campfire dinner.

Tin Foil Dinner Ingredients
Tin Foil Dinner Ingredients

See full video at Hobo Dinner: Camping and Family Fun

My recipe is a little different from the video that I thought best showed how to make the campfire Tin Foil Dinners. I have also heard them called what the video calls them and that is Hobo Dinners and another name Scout dinners. This is a great meal to make for avid off the gridders, outdoor cooking,  and campfire cooking.
Here is my Tin Foil Dinner recipe or Hobo Dinner Recipe or Scout Dinner Recipe:

  • Meat Patty – I usually make my own patties from hamburger. I like them a bit thicker than the store bought hamburger patties. But not too thick or they won’t cook all the way through with out burning the rest of the ingredients.
  • Potatoes – sliced
  • Carrots – sliced
  • Onion – sliced
  • Salt and Pepper

I put a layer of aluminum foil down (long enough to wrap it in with rolled end edges) Next I put the hamburger patty down. I salt and pepper the hamburger patty. Next I put the onion slices then the potato slices and last the carrot slices. I wrap the foil and seal the edges by rolling them so that the juices can’t escape during cooking. Lastly I wrap another layer of foil around them to lesson that chance of burning. Be careful not to puncture the foil during cooking. I put them in hot coals and cook them for 10 mins each side (you will need something to turn them with we use tongs). After they have cooked on ten mins per side I take one out open it (careful really really hot) and check the hamburger to see that is fully cooked. If it isn’t done then it goes back in the fire and I time them all accordingly. My kids squirt Ketchup over the top before eating. I have also made these in the oven if we can’t do the fire.

This video has a great explanation and video of making them.


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