Survival Skills Save 7-Year Old Girl

Have You Taught Your Children Survivil Skills?

This news story about a 7 year old girl who used the survival skills her father had taught her. How are your children in the survival skills area? Do you have an emergency plans. Do your children know what to do in case of an accident, fire, being lost, or taken? Well it made a difference for this little girl.

You should have a plan and train your family for emergency situations.

We had a family plan that we rutinely taught and discussed with our children some of them included:

  • our house fire evacuation plan
  • earthquake & other disaster plans
  • our hotel stay emergency plan
  • our plan for if someone¬†got lost or separated from the group
  • and talked about accidents and abduction
  • Will and what would happen if we died

This is something to go over with your family. It may save one of you some day. At least it makes for more calm in a frightening situation.

Read the whole story at of the little girl who used her survival skills after a plane crash:

Especially great news coverage from NBC News:


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