Portable Filteration Water Straw – You Have a Responsibility

Lifestraws Are What They Say and More.. Save Yourself & Save a Child

Lifestraws have great reviews. People love them. They come in many sizes. Just carry a straw that filters water. Great for camping, wilderness living, and emergency preparation. One of their products I really liked was a filtration water straw. The LifeStraw removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria,, and 99.9% of waterborne protozoa Check them out you’ll be impressed too.

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We are prepping for an emergency or a time when we do not have food or clean water. While we presently have food and clean water and we prepare for a time when we don’t there are people in the world that have no clean water.

I traveled in Africa and in other countries where we saw children who had no clean drinking water, that’s very sad to me.  It reminds me that those of us that have clean water have a responsibility to help those who do not.

It always really bothers me whenever I see one of those commercials come on TV where the animals are hurt or injured and they’re asking for donations to help with the animals. I always feel so bad and I can hardly watch those commercials.  In fact sometimes I have to get up and leave so I don’t see it.  The same thing happens whenever I see children who do not have food, water, shelter, clothing or decent conditions to live in. And now here I find myself doing one of those same quote commercial blog posts about those who need help from us.

A few years ago at a conference I met one of the guys who started LifeStraw. I was so impressed with them because they  had a program in place that as they sell lifestraws part of the profits go to help children and people in Kenya to have clean water.

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Get more info on helping get clean water to people who need it: BuyLifeStraws

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