Off Grid Living in the City? See How..

Totally Sustainable Urban Agroecology Off Grid Living; Grow all Your Own Food + Make Money

This family has figured out how to live in the city and be self sustaining. They also grow so much food (6,000 lbs) on 1/10th of an acre that they make a living growing and selling the produce.

Do you want to know what is in your food? Do you want healthy organic food? Make your own fuel? Even make your own honey bees from becoming a beekeeper? Learn permaculture and Urban homesteading? Save water with clay pot watering? This is a great example for how to take control of your food and self-sustained living off grid living.

I was really surprised to see a hand crank blender. Solar panels supply almost all the electricity. They even have a bio-diesel brewing station for gas.

You have to watch this. This an incredibly well put together off the grid living in an urban environment.

Learn more details on their blog: Urban Homestead


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