How To Remove a Tick

Learn How to Remove A Tick Before You Go Out Camping or Hiking Where There Might Be Tick

It’s the bite that is the problem. The Tick salivates into your skin and spreads diseases. Some of them are  very dangerous.

It is important to remove ticks as quickly as possible. Ticks attach themselves to you by cutting into your skin then attaches it’s feeding tube with little barbs to keep them attached. Then they feed on your blood. In exchange they can leave you with diseases that they have picked up from other hosts. Keep the tick in a Ziploc bag so if you start to feel symptoms you can take it with you to your doctor.



I didn’t know if the first video was just a cleaver marketing video for pointy tweezers or if it really was a valid way to remove ticks. But then I watched this video from  an assistant professor of Veterinary Entomology showing how to remove a tick and she did it the same way. I like that she showed doing it live so that you could see the skin pull up and everything.


Even the CDC has a post on how to remove a tick. It shows the same procedure. They say if anything breaks off remove those parts the same way then disinfect the area. Their site also has posts on avoiding ticks, symptoms of illness from ticks, tick life cycle, and diseases transmitted by ticks. This is an excellent reliable place to get information; CDC Tick Removal make sure to read this post on it’s life cycle I found it the most interesting.

I have never been with anyone I know when they got a tick nor have I ever had a tick bit me. How many of you have had experience with ticks? Have you ever had to remove on or have on removed? How was it removed?


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