Homemade Metal Can Stove

DIY Homemade Metal Can Stove and Heater

Heat and light other than food are some of the main things that make you feel safe in an emergency or when your out in nature away from your home. I learned how to make a¬†homemade metal can stove a couple years ago. I have several in my emergency kit. They put off a lot of heat. A great side benefit is it doesn’t put off any smell.

Before you use this as a source of heating or cooking you should make one and try it so that you know how to use it and how long it will burn for.

As always with anything that is a fire it is your responsibility for safety.

They take 3 items you might have around the house to make them. It can also be easily converted into an emergency stove.

  1. A can – large enough to stuff a roll of toilet paper into it (I prefer ones with a lid like a empty clean paint can)
  2. 70% isopropyl alcohol
  3. Roll of toilet paper

Learn how to make on with this video: