Campfire Breakfast Recipe Cooked in a Paper Bag

A Fun Easy Campfire Breakfast Recipe Trick — Cooking In A Paper Bag

Bacon and eggs cooked in a paper bag over the campfire sounds preposterous; but it’s not at least if you do it right. I love that in the video he explains the reason why it works.

Spending time outdoors camping & cooking is a good time to make family memories together.  This would be a really fun campfire cooking activity for kids if they were supervised well by the adults. I think the next time my kids come to the lake (where we cook on a campfire) we will try this little trick with them.


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As shown in the video for each person for this camping breakfast recipe you will need:

  • A paper lunch sack
  • 2 eggs
  • Several Slices of bacon

Watch the video for how to get it cooked perfect.

What Fun Campfire Recipes Do You Make?

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