Bug Out Bag to Get You Home

Keep you Alive to Get You Home

I like the idea of a “Get Home Bag” as he calls it in the video. It makes sense for people who travel away from home in their vehicle.

I would find a better place to hide a gun if you have a gun permit and have a weapon. Watch the video and thing if you would put it where someone couldn’t just grab it.

Don’t forget medication that you need to take. Also having a way to keep it dry would be a good idea.

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Having a Bug Out Bag or BOB is a really good idea. Pick up and carry bag with supplies to keep you alive.

Remember to be aware of safety with children and others riding or having access to your car or bag. Having a way to lock it up is a good idea all the way around.

Watch this great video. Get some ideas that would be helpful in how to make or put together a bug out bag so that in an emergency you can get home.

What would you put in your Bug Out Bag?


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