Don’t Die in Your Car – Be Prepared

Emergencies Happen When Your in Your Car! Car Survival Kits Are Important

There is a Big Chance that the preparedness Kit that will save your life will be your car survival kit.

A couple years ago I had friends caught in a line of cars that were stuck in the gorge canyon between St George & Las Vegas. It was winter and it was cold and they were stuck there for hours during the night. An accident had the blocked the road.

I remember another story of a lady that went off the road into a gully. It was snowing heavily and no one saw her go off the road or her tracks. She spend days in her car before being found.

Another possibility is a catastrophic event that traps you in your car.

Could this be you? We just never know.

Now is the time to prepare so that if this is you, you have the resources to save yourself or at least make your time stuck in your car bearable.

Here is an video example of what you might want to include: Car Emergency Kit


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