7 Things – Prepping Is Being Able To Barter

Prepping for an emergency is more than storing food

Whether you prep from a religious belief or a sense of insecurity about the future; GMO’s, Poisons, Economic collapse etc.

I love the idea of having things to barter with. Storing and prepping with the notion of bartering for things you need later is really a good idea. In emergency preparedness you have to think longer term than a few days. How to be valuable to a community of survivors.

I would think most of these items are essential to have in a long term disaster situation. Not only for yourself but to help others survive. I know this sounds silly but I would have made it 8 items and had toilet tissue…. who’s not going to miss that?

What would you add to the list?

Why do you prep?

Watch this video or you may be missing some of your most important bartering items. ..


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