5 Ways to Make Campfire Bread

Comfort Food & Campfire Cooking — Cooking Bread in the Outdoors

I love this video that shows 5 different ways to cook bread over a campfire.

Camping and outdoor living are enjoyable especially when you eat foods that are familiar. Bread is considered a comfort food so a great addition to your campfire cooking. You could always bring bread with you on your camp out but Campfire bread has a flavor you don’t get from the store.

If you’ve been a scout cooking over a campfire you have probably taken canned Pillsbury dough and wrapped it around a stick and then cooked it over the fire.

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Making and eating bread is a good activity plus it is filling and satisfying. Sometimes quick bread made to cook over the campfire is referred to a Bannock Bread.  Bannock Bread originated with Indigenous North Americans. They made the bread with flour, sugar, lard and liquid then it was fried or baked. It was a heavy dense bread.

Now we use leavening agents like baking power to make the bread lighter and nicer to eat. You might also like to add nuts, dried fruit or flavoring to your bread.

Watch this well done video by Bush Craft Bartons They also show the recipe to make the bread.

Do you have a different way to make campfire or outdoor cooking bread?



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