4 Survive Car in the River; Be Prepared for Car Survival

Be prepared for car survival. Know what to do if your car lands in water?

I heard about an accident in Logan Canyon near where I lived. I realized that you hope that there are kind brave people nearby to help; but what if they’re not?

Here is the accident I am thinking of; four saved from a car upside down in the Logan River. Because people were prepared and stopped to help the people survived. It pays to be prepared for car survival. Here is the story.


There are so many of these accidents in the news. Water fills the vehicle quickly. Getting out fast can be life or death.

Ways to Prepare for a Water Car Survival

Here are some of the tips I gained from these accidents. Get your car prepared for this possible situation. Especially if traveling near a river or lake regularly.

Always have them within reach in your vehicle. Make sure that these are stored where you can get them easily like hanging on the rear view mirror.

  • Glass Breaker Hammer
  • Seat Belt Cutter / Knife
  • Learn CPR
  • Stay Calm and Act Quickly

Think through the steps you would take if you had an accident and your vehicle went into water. It can only take a minute or two for a car to fill with water. Staying calm and acting quickly is paramount to surviving a car accident especially when it goes into the water.

Here are the steps that professionals have suggested.

  • Remain calm
  • Unclip your seat belt
  • Unroll your window before the water gets to the electric window controls
  • Undo your children’s or other peoples seat belts
  • Access if it is safe to get our of the vehicle

Is Preparedness Worth It

Being prepared takes time, effort and money. Is it worth it? Yes is always the simple answer. If it will save your life or the life of someone else you should do it. Read more blogs here to gain the knowledge you need to start preparing.


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