10 Great Camping Hacks You Don’t Want To Miss

Camping Should Be Fun … Learn New Camping Tips

Hacks are a fun way to learn to do somethings easier or better. These camping hacks are awesome. It even includes a recipe for Yummy Pocket Tacos.

I used to take something like this to the ball games for the family to eat. We especially liked them for football games when it was chilly outside.  I would take a thermos of hot taco meat in a taco sauce, a baggie with chopped tomato, lettuce, and cheese and single serving size bags of  Fritos Corn Chips. When it was time to eat we pulled out the chip bags & added those ingredients to the bags of Fritos corn chips. Add a fork and dinner was served at the ball game. (or camping as this applies to this post) Everyone around you will want to know where you got it or how to make it. It is a super easy portable taco recipe.

Awesome Camping Hack #1 reminded me of this. They also added somether tasty ingredient I wish I would have thought of. This is only one camping hack on the video.

Watch this you will definitely learn something new for your next camp out.

See more great hacks at: 10 Life Hacks Youtube Channel

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